Race:Black/African American
Case #:TX0180503
Profile Updated:6/7/2022
Photo Updated:6/10/2022

Semiah is a loveable 15-year-old girl. She loves drawing and sketching and is putting in the hard work of working through her past traumas. Semiah is smart and is working towards her independence. Some of her favorite hobbies are journaling and listening to music. Semiah has remarkable social skills that enable her to fit well into all types of social settings. She can effectively communicate and ask for help when needed. She really wants a home with structure, love and acceptance. Semiah will do well with a family that is patient and committed to her and provides the one on one attention she craves. Semiah will do best with a family that resides in Texas, as she has 5 other siblings in Texas, but could be placed out of state if her family would consider sibling visits, healthy connections and relationships.

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