Race:Black/African American
Case #:51016235
Profile Updated:6/27/2017
Photo Updated:6/29/2017

Jah’vion is an young man with a dry sense of humor who likes sports and outings into the community. Jah’vion loves to shop! He is currently living in a group home and attending a specialized school for students who present a range of unique challenges. Jah’vion needs an experienced family that is loving and kind, but also structured and consistent. He has experienced a lot of loss, trauma, and grief, but is working hard to learn coping skills that help him manage his feelings and behavior. Jah’vion needs a patient family that will remain committed to him while building a trusting relationship as he has been let down by the important adults in his life. He would do best in a family with a strong, compassionate, male parental figure who has a good sense of humor.

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