Case #:MI01C08727
Profile Updated:5/21/2020
Photo Updated:5/23/2019

Bruce puts the “aww” in awesome. Take, for instance, what he’s most proud of: “Being a really good brother.” Then his wish for what he would like to do with a forever family: “Anything as long as they’re with me.” When asked the most important thing he wants people to know about him, Bruce says, “I am loveable, and if you take me you get a whole lot of teddy bears, too!” If he had three wishes this aww-mazing boy would wish to be adopted, to have more Pokemon cards, and to have a new comforter for his bed. Any other “aww”-some facts that you want to share with folks, Bruce? ”I want my adoptive parents to love me as much as they can.” His worker agrees with Bruce’s “aww”-ssessment. “Bruce can be very sweet,” the worker says. “He desperately wants to be part of a forever family and has a lot of love to give.” That’s just about “aww” the information you need to know about this sweet and loving boy. Well, maybe there’s some more. Bruce says his favorite animal is the koala bear, his favorite subject in school is science and his favorite foods are McDonald’s and tacos. Instead of the Golden Arches, Bruce likes the color pink. In addition, Bruce says he enjoys reading, participating in equine therapy, playing Pokemon with friends, and taking a nap after a long day at school.

Due to his past trauma, Bruce needs a dedicated forever family who will provide structure, stability and one-on-one supervision. Therefore, a household with two patient and experienced parents would be best for him. His worker feels it would be best for him to have both a mother and a father figure. His adoptive parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma. Even though it’s not a must, Bruce would do best as the only child in the home; if he’s not the only child then he should be the youngest. To reach his full potential, Bruce needs to understand boundaries yet get guidance, encouragement and acceptance. Bruce also has stated a preference for a family with pets. Finally, since Bruce has a strong bond with his younger brother, his new family must be open to letting him maintain that relationship.

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