Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Case #:MI01C08515
Profile Updated:7/28/2022
Photo Updated:9/20/2022


When we met up with Taivion, he sported a Golden State Warriors t-shirt, told us why he’d shudder at facing Steph Curry one-on-one, described reading Stephen King’s “The Institute” and revealed how he revels in relaxation.

Yes, you could call him a well-rounded young man who likes Corvettes instead of Mustangs (“they look cooler”), summer over winter (“anything below 60 is too cold”) and green and white over maize and blue (“I’ve always been a Michigan State fan!”).

Setting aside his dogs vs. cats preference for now, Taivion’s biggest burning “either/or” question on this day revolves around roundball or football.

“Football would be my favorite,” says this naturally easygoing guy. “I used to play for a team. I never actually played basketball on a team, but I’m pretty good at that.

“I like the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson (quarterback extraordinaire) and the Warriors and Steph Curry (perhaps the best basketball player on the planet). My favorite player between the two is Steph Curry. When they won the championship, he didn’t just celebrate with his team, he celebrated with his dad.

“He’s done things like that that kind of inspired me. One time he went to a home where these foster care kids were living, and he showed them how to play basketball – teaching them to shoot and stuff – and it kind of motivated me to want to meet him because even though he has all this stuff, he’s still giving back to his community.”

A quick, hurry Curry question from us – “want to take him on one-on-one?” – brings an abrupt response.

“No, I would humiliate myself!”

Even though he’s taller than Curry, you’ve got to admire Taivion for knowing when to keep the basketball on the storage rack. Perhaps more admirable is his recognition that he needs time to slow down and enjoy life.

“I like fishing,” he says about his other favorite activities. “I used to go fishing up on a river. I’ve never been hunting, but I’ve always wanted to, though. I think I’d enjoy the relaxation part of it. I like reading, too. I’m reading a book called ‘The Institute.’ It’s starting off a little slow, but it’s getting more interesting.”

To learn other interesting things about Taivion, we posed a couple more either/or questions: dogs vs. cats and city or country? “Dogs because I’m able to relax with them more. Country because it’s more relaxed; there aren’t as many noisy distractions.”

Taivion’s thirst for the balance of activity and relaxation seems to be surpassed only by his desire for the tranquility and consistency of a forever family. He’d do best with two patient and experienced parents who can serve as strong supporters and fierce advocates for him. Most of all, Taivion looks forward to a family who shares his zest for life.

“I hope we can do things that we both love,” he says, “and I hope they love fishing and playing sports.”

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