Race:Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native
State:South Dakota
Case #:72601705765
Profile Updated:5/5/2017
Photo Updated:10/4/2016

** The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) applies for Michael, however all home studied families are encouraged to inquire.

Meet Michael - what a sweet and lovable thirteen year old. Michael is an amazing boy with a fun personality, determination, tender heart, and a contagious smile.

Michael loves to be near other children and hear their voices and laughter. Michael is social and gets happiness from being around other children at daycare and school. Michael is currently in a foster home with other children and the other children adore him. One of Michael’s favorite things is the sound of water and he loves playing in water any chance he can get! When he went to the circus he loved the sound of the motocross bikes. Michael loves music and toys or objects that make noise and have lights on them. Michael loves going camping and on car rides and he is an excellent traveler in the vehicle.

Michael has medical needs and does have a wheelchair that he uses primarily for feedings at school. He does his feedings at home just on his bed or in a chair. Michael loves to be active and moving around, but he will tire easily. Michael is able to walk well for short periods of time and needs limited assistance in getting in and out of vehicles. Michael can become anxious around new people or activities and prefers routine and predictability. He even enjoys going down stairs slowly on his bottom with supervision. Although Michael is nonverbal, his receptive language skills continue to progress and he understands many words spoken to him.

Michael needs a forever family who has experience with medical and developmental special needs children. Michael will need a very special and committed family. Michael will bring so many blessings and joy to his adoptive family.

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