Case #:MI01C08372
Profile Updated:2/10/2020
Photo Updated:5/12/2020

Rachel loves art, and one of her passions is making cards and pictures for the people she cares about. “Rachel is very creative and artistic,” says a person close to her. She expresses her creativity though drawing, coloring and writing. Rachel also enjoys reading, playing board games, riding her bike, listening to music and going swimming. Rachel loves animals and spends a lot of time tending to the chickens” where she lives, a close acquaintance says. “Rachel loves being around the horses.” This animal lover wants to become a veterinarian when she gets older. If Rachel does become a veterinarian, she’ll likely get plenty of clients since she enjoys helping others. It doesn’t hurt that her favorite animals are cats and dogs and that she wants to become part of a forever family who has “a home full of pets.”

“Rachel describes herself as kind and caring,” says a close acquaintance. “She is a social person.” Rachel loves getting one-on-one attention from caregivers, who add that Rachel is compassionate. She does well in school and likes art class the best.

Rachel would do best with two female parents or a mom and dad. Her new parents should be experienced as well as knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. In addition, Rachel would do best as the only child in her future forever family. The family will need to make sure Rachel receives the services that will help her now and into adulthood.

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