Tony, Jessica

Name:Tony, Jessica
Ages:15, 13
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SAZ1111844
  • Tony, 15, male
  • Jessica, 13, female
Profile Updated:8/28/2019
Photo Updated:11/18/2019

Jessica and Tony are fun loving siblings who love hanging out together!

Jessica is a loving and nurturing young woman who is always willing to help someone out! Being the fast learner that she is, she loves school, especially math class. She looks forward to riding the bus to school every day.

Outside of class, Jessica enjoys playing games. Her favorites are Connect Four, Uno, puzzles and air hockey! She also enjoys playing on the monkey bars at the park.

Jessica is always helpful around the house and willing to get her hands dirty with chores. She would do well in a home that offers her unconditional love and cares about animals as much as she does.

Tony enjoys math, P.E. and lunch! His favorite part about math is multiplication. When he’s not in school, he likes to play video games (especially Mortal Kombat), Pokemon and watch Rick and Morty. If he had three wishes, Tony would wish for one billion dollars, unlimited video games and 1,000 Pokemon cards.

Tony is very good at basketball and enjoys baking. His sweet tooth pairs well with his hobby and you can find him baking cakes, brownies and cookies. Chocolate cake with confetti sprinkles is his favorite treat of all.

When he grows up, Tony says he wants a professional career. If he could travel any place on earth, he would visit Universal Studios in Florida. Tony is a great big brother, and does well at modeling patience and kindness to his little sister.

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