Race:White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino
Case #:TX0151815
Profile Updated:9/10/2020
Photo Updated:5/4/2020

Alexandria who goes by “Allie” is an outgoing and active teenager. She describes herself as being 3% girly girl, 40% cowboy, 30% plain weird, and 27% very goofy. Allie describes herself as weird and dorky, and she reminds herself of Shrek because she is unique and different from others. If Allie joins your family, you will never be bored as she is always on the go. She likes to be active and have fun. Allie enjoys going to the movies, listening to music, and going out. Her ideal family vacation would be going to Sea World or going camping. Allie is an outdoorsy person and likes to be in nature. She is interested in playing sports and would like to try out for basketball and volleyball. Allie is creative and has the soul of an artist. Her passions include music, photography, and cosmetology. Her first passion is music. She likes to sing solo and even writes her own lyrics. Allie has aspirations of pursuing a career in singing. She wants to learn how to sight read music and would be interested in taking music lessons. She also wants to learn to play the guitar. Allie used to play the flute, and she can play the drums. She is an amazing makeup artist. She likes to try out different eyeshadow trends. Allie has a talent for styling hair and maintaining eyebrows. She is also interested in attending cosmetology school and pursuing a career in that field. Allie enjoys photography and would like to consider a career in photography in addition to music and cosmetology. She likes to watch scary movies and action movies. Her favorite movies are Matilda and The Notebook. Allie enjoys reading graphic novels, and her favorite graphic novel is Blankets. She is an animal lover and would be open to a home that has cats and dogs. She would like to work with animals, possibly at an animal shelter. Allie is not a morning person and likes to stay up late. She would like to learn more about the culinary arts by expanding her cooking and baking skills. Allie enjoys creating breakfast meals such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits, and waffles. Her favorite food is anything breakfast related. Her absolute favorite meal is peanut butter waffles with syrup and butter. Allie loves eating brownies, but she doesn’t know how to bake. Will you be the family that teaches her to bake? Allie is goal oriented and knows what she wants. Her current goals are to obtain a car, preferably a truck or a Jeep, driver’s license, and find a job. Allie has a big heart and has volunteered at the nature center and animal shelter in the past. Her favorite song lyric is, “These little hands can work for you. They can be important to the family too. There’s so many things that these hands can do. By helping they say, I love you.”

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