Case #:CHWA01498433
Profile Updated:9/10/2017
Photo Updated:12/7/2016

Everyone adores Scott! Kindhearted, funny, and an energetic personality, he is a joy to be around. Scott is thriving in his current placement. According to his social worker, he is doing the best that he has ever done! With the high level of emotional support his caregivers provide, he is doing incredibly well in all aspects of his life. Everyone in his placement truly loves and cares for Scott.

Scott loves being in the midst of things and is an enthusiastic participant with his caregivers, school, and community in various activities and outings. He especially loves outdoor activities. Scott has fun participating at his youth group at church. He has also enjoyed participating in a program for older kids affiliated with the Boy Scouts. He's a long-time participant in the Special Olympics and also has lots of fun playing sports in the community. Basketball is his all-time favorite sport, but he also enjoys soccer, flag football, bowling, and swimming. He even played on his school’s volleyball team last year. Warning, only experts should challenge him to car races or a game of virtual basketball!

As a sports fanatic, one of Scott’s favorite rewards for positive behavior is earning the sports jerseys or baseball caps of his favorite teams. Scott has always had a fascination with buses and bus routes, and as a hobby, he has enjoyed memorizing the local bus schedules.

His current high school teachers have nothing but great things to say about Scott. They are very pleased to report that he is advancing in reading and math, and he is taking a cooking class at school - he loves it! Could there be a possible career opportunity in the culinary world for Scott?

Scott thrives in the care of attentive, nurturing adults who interact with him with positive regard and who take the time to prepare him ahead of time for changes in his daily routine. Using encouragement, positive reinforcements, and rewards, and assuring that he has a very consistent daily routine helps Scott do his best. Scott is very proud to have learned that a great tool for when he’s feeling frustrated or stressed is to take some time alone to calm himself.

Scott’s social worker wants to hear from active, energetic families who will lovingly provide the structure he needs in his everyday life to help him do well and feel secure. Scott could be an only child or have a few siblings. During his adoption transition, his adoptive parents will have the opportunity to show Scott how supportive they are by allowing him the time he needs to make a successful transition into his new home. In the right home, Scott will thrive. If you want to parent a kindhearted, funny, and energetic youth who is loving and helpful, you will want to learn more about Scott.

Scott is also featured on the Northwest Adoption Exchange website. Please check out his profile for the possibility of additional photos, videos, and inquiry information.

Profile current as of September 10, 2017.

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