Race:Black/African American
Case #:PA01C22AB38
Profile Updated:6/24/2019
Photo Updated:8/15/2019

Kathleen, who sometimes goes by K.K., is a creative, expressive and smart young lady with a great smile and even better laugh. She likes to get her hair done, do her make-up and nails and would love to have someone in her life to do this with. She also likes music, especially singing in the car. K.K. is a huge fan of K-pop and BTS. She loves to read and always has a new book to tell you about or suggest. She has good taste! K.K. also likes to be outside soaking up the sun.

She is a very intelligent young woman and hopes to one day go to college. At different points in her life she has wanted to be an attorney and a forensic scientist. She may change her plans, but she’s got big ones! She is a fast learner and picks up new skills quickly. K.K. likes learning new things and would enjoy going to museums or other fun learning experiences.

K.K. wants to be in a family, but takes time to build relationships. This would likely require a long visitation process. It will take consistent effort for K.K. to feel cared about. Once she trusts you, K.K. is a very loyal person. Her sign of trust is a hug, and she gives great ones! She is open to any family type but would like to have a female role model in her life. She would benefit from living in a diverse community.

K.K. is very sweet and generous to young children and those that are differently abled. She may do especially well with young children in the home in a smaller sized family. She does very well with adults who remain calm under pressure and who provide consistent expectations.

K.K. is legally free for adoption.

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