Guidelines for writing your family narrative

The family narrative gives children’s caseworkers a glimpse into your family’s life. The narrative should be easy to read and descriptive without revealing confidential information.

Writing tips

  • Write in the first person (“We are big sports fans.” Or “I have experience working with children as a soccer coach.”).
  • Write in your own voice. The point of this section is for caseworkers to get to know your family.
  • Do not be over specific and detailed; describe your family and your interests in terms that are easily understood by and relatable to a broad audience.
  • Try to begin and end the narrative on a positive note.
  • Write in short sentences and paragraphs, which are easier to read quickly.
  • Use only first names when describing your family.
  • Do not include personal details of your family's past, such as deaths, divorces, alcohol treatment, etc.
  • Do not feel compelled to describe your family’s financial situation.