David, Wyatt

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S590112343
Names: David, Wyatt
Case #s: 590120200014AJ, 59012020015AJ
Ages: 14, 12
Genders: Male, male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Alabama
Last Profile Update: 06/10/21


English Narrative:

Born in 2007, David can be shy at first, but don't let that fool you! Once he is comfortable, David is very talkative. One of David's favorite pastimes is reading because it keeps his mind focused. He also like to ride bikes and play sports.

Wyatt, born in 2008, is a compassionate and helpful boy. He enjoys playing football, basketball, and riding bikes. Wyatt prides himself on being athletic. He desires to be a mechanic when he grows up because he likes to fix things.

Photos courtesy of Heart Gallery of Alabama.