Status: Available
Case #: 59012017112MNS
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Alabama
Last Profile Update: 04/21/21


English Narrative:

Tyler, born August 2007, is a very loving little boy. He is interested in toys and video games. He is a very likable young man and enjoys pleasing others. His favorite color is red and his favorite restaurant is McDonald's. In school, Tyler's favorite subject is Reading. He has an IEP for his educational goals and he works best with one on one work. He is more successful when he has a structured routine that outlines expectations, consequences, and privileges. Like his sister, he is active and loves to be outdoors playing with his friends and family. Tyler needs a family who will provide consistent structure, has patience, and unconditional love. He desires a forever home and is excited about the possibility of being a part of a permanent home. Tyler would benefit best from a two parent home that is very understanding and supportive of him, and will be there for him to help him through any rough patches, and be there to guide him through the upcoming teen years so that he may become the confident, contributing, awesome young man he is destined to become.

Photograph courtesy of Heart Gallery of Alabama