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Adoption Laws and Resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Families


Most States do not have laws or formal policies prohibiting individuals’ eligibility to adopt or serve as foster parents based on sexual orientation. Instead, child welfare professionals and judges make placement decisions based on the best interest of the individual child. Child Welfare Information Gateway provides more information on this topic with answers to many other frequently asked questions from LGBT prospective foster and adoptive parents.



AdoptUSKids is working to help reduce barriers to adoption for LGBT families. This includes providing free assistance to LGBT families who are seeking to foster or adopt children from foster care, and developing free resources for child welfare agencies on best practices for working with LGBT families.

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Family Stories

Reginald Wilson and Wesley McCammon

Reginald and Wesley relocated from their home state of Mississippi to Washington, DC, in order to legally marry and start a family of their own. Today they are the proud parents of two children, RJ and Regina.

Read Reginald and Wesley's story.

Deb Soly and Jill Poirier

Deb Soly and Jill Poirier's adoption journey has been one of surprises. They first became parents "overnight" to a two-month old, the child of one of Deb's cousins. Realizing that adoption was a great way to grow their family, Deb and Jill decided to adopt a second child—and then found out he had a younger sister! 
Read more about how the Soly-Poirier family grew from three to six.


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