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Year-Three Respite Program Grantees


As part of the third year of the AdoptUSKids Respite Program (2009-10), we awarded 33 mini-grants to foster, adoptive, and kinship parent groups and associations to partner with public agencies for creating and strengthening respite services to families. Strong respite care programs require community involvement and partnerships. Such programs are the most effective way to assure that respite care will be available to families for years to come.










  • Grantee: Brunswick Adoptive and Foster Support Group
    Partner Agency: Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine, Inc.
    Location: Brunswick, ME
    Respite Services: Respite program for 100 children during the annual three-day association meeting



  • Grantee: The Grandparent Coalition
    Partner Agency: Bristol Elder Services, Inc.
    Location: Fall River, MA
    Respite Services: Three respite family events, summer camp scholarships, in-home respite services


  • Grantee: Love & Logic Support Group
    Partner Agency: Foster Adoptive Family Resources & Support Center
    Location: Battle Creek, MI
    Respite Services: Quarterly respite Saturdays and a crisis respite service
  • Grantee: D.A. Blodgett Special Needs Adoptive Parent Support Group
    Partner Agency: Adoptive Family Support Network
    Location: Grand Rapids, MI
    Respite Services: Respite training, respite services at two to four hours per time, a special day event


  • Grantee: Native American Children Having Unique Group Support
    Partner Agency: Domestic Abuse Project
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Respite Services: Women’s retreat, outings for parents, special children’s events



New York

  • Grantee: Erie County Foster & Adoptive Parents Advisory Board, Inc.
    Partner Agency: Erie County Department of Social Services
    Location: Buffalo, NY
    Respite Services: Stipend for summer camps, overnight and weekend event for children, crisis respite services for up to three hours
  • Grantee: North Country Foster and Adoptive Network
    Partner Agency: Jefferson County Department of Social Services
    Location: Watertown, NY
    Respite Services: Trained respite providers, created respite services to meet individual needs of families, had a warm line for respite providers


  • Grantee: Athens County Foster Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Athens County Children’s Services
    Location: Athens, OH
    Respite Services: Train respite providers and have a planned respite service, emergency funding for crisis respite
  • Grantee: Cleveland Adoption Support Group
    Partner Agency: Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
    Location: Cleveland Heights, OH
    Respite Services: Respite recreation events for children monthly


  • Grantee: Foster Care and Adoptive Association of Oklahoma
    Partner Agency: Oklahoma Department of Human Services
    Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    Respite Services: Wrap-around services for new adoptive parents with respite, respite camp experience, respite training


  • Grantee: A Family for Every Child
    Partner Agency: Oregon Department of Human Services
    Location: Eugene, OR
    Respite Services: Lock-in overnight for youth and respite quarterly events



  • Grantee: Gay and Lesbian Adoptive and Foster Families Group
    Partner Agency: Vermont Department for Children and Families
    Location: Waterbury, VT
    Respite Services: Barter exchange system of respite services, respite reimbursement program
  • Grantee: Rutland County Foster Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Rutland County Children and Families Services
    Location: Rutland, VT
    Respite Services: Wrote respite curriculum to recruit, train, and coordinate respite services


West Virginia

  • Grantee: Greenbrier River Valley Foster and Adopt Association
    Partner Agency: Greenbrier Valley YMCA
    Location: Lewisburg, W. VA
    Respite Services: Bi-monthly recreational respite programs

Find out more about how to start a respite care program where you live by reading our manual Taking a Break: Creating Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Respite in your Community (PDF – 2 MB) / En Español (PDF – 1.4 MB).

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