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Year-Four Respite Program Grantees


As part of the fourth year of the AdoptUSKids Respite Program (2010-11), we awarded 34 mini-grants to foster, adoptive, and kinship parent groups and associations to partner with public agencies for creating and strengthening respite services to families. Strong respite care programs require community involvement and partnerships. Such programs are the most effective way to assure that respite care will be available to families for years to come.



  • Grantee: Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates
    Partner Agency: Benchmark Family Services
    Location: Palmer, AK
    Respite Services: Training for caregivers, one-on-one instructions for children with attachment disorder, and children placed in respite according to their need




  • Grantee: Generations Grandparents Council
    Partner Agency: The Community Renewal Team, INC
    Location: Hartford, CT
    Respite Services: Weekend respite family camp
  • Grantee: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group
    Partner Organization: United Services, Inc.
    Location: Danville, CT
    Respite Services: Holiday event, family respite camp

District of Columbia


  • Grantee: Clay County Foster Adoptive Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Kids First of Florida
    Location:Orange Park, FL
    Respite Services: Three night and four day respite retreat for foster, adoptive, and kinship families
  • Grantee: Federation of Families of Florida Inc.
    Partner Agency: Families First of Palm Beach County
    Location:West Palm Beach, FL
    Respite Services: Winter holiday respite event, spring break event, family day event, camp scholarships
  • Grantee: Forever Families Home Study Agency
    Partner Agency: Family Services of Metro Orlando
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Respite Services: Voucher system for families needing respite
  • Grantee: Heritage Family Preservation Center Inc.
    Partner Agency: Wayne Densch YMCA Family Center
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Respite Services: Relief and recovery program with YMCA memberships
  • Grantee: Pinellas Adoption Parent Support Group
    Partner Agency: Pinellas Council on Adoptable Children, Inc
    Location: Saint Petersburg, FL
    Respite Services: Quarterly events for youth, therapeutic play groups at monthly parent support group meetings



  • Grantee: Agape Development Center
    Partner Agency: Project Success of Vermilion County, Inc
    Location: Danville, IL
    Respite Services: Eight-week respite and educational training program, parent support group meetings with child care
  • Grantee: Community Kids
    Partner Agency: Community Life Concepts
    Location: Murphysboro, IL
    Respite Services: Quarterly events, one large event


  • Grantee: EMBC Parent Support Group
    Partner Agency: Arc of Baltimore
    Location: Randallstown, MD
    Respite Services: Six special adult learning programs with children’s program, parent support group meetings with child care
  • Grantee: One Church One Child Support Group
    Partner Agency: One Church One Child of Maryland
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Respite Services: Once-a-month full Saturday recreational program


  • Grantee: Relatives Raising Other Children
    Partner Agency: Mississippi Families For Kids
    Location: Jackson, MS
    Respite Services: Bi-monthly fun day for families



  • Grantee: Clark County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Respite Services: Provide licensed foster home for in-home activities, quarterly group respite events

New Mexico

New York

  • Grantee: Share Family Supports, Inc
    Partner Agency: New York Council on Adoptable Children
    Location: Jamaica, NY
    Respite Services: Respite child care for support meetings, Saturday enrichment program
  • Grantee: St. Lawrence County Foster and Adoptive Parent
    Partner Agency: St. Lawrence Co. Dept. of Social Services
    Location: Canton, NY
    Respite Services: Voucher system, family outings
  • Grantee: Westchester County Foster and Adoptive Parents Association
    Partner Agency: Friends of Westchester County Parks, Inc
    Location: Mount Kisco, NY
    Respite Services: Two weekend sibling camps (two sessions each)



  • Grantee: Kinship House
    Partner Agency: Multnomah County, Department of Human Services Mental Health Unit
    Location: Portland, OR
    Respite Services: Voucher system



  • Grantee: Embrace
    Partner Agency: Texas Foster Family Association, Region III
    Location: Melissa, TX
    Respite Services: Quarterly educational and entertaining events for youth and parents
  • Grantee: Family by Choice
    Partner Agency: Austin Council on Adoptable Children
    Location: Austin, TX
    Respite Services: Respite training, meet-up event, out-of-home respite services, three to four weekend events
  • Grantee: Loving Arms Support Group
    Partner Agency: One Church One Child of Southeast Texas
    Location: Beaumont, TX
    Respite Services: Respite support group, day-long event
  • Grantee: S.A.F.T.NET
    Partner Agency: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Respite Services: Host family care, weekend day camp, parents’ night out

Find out more about how to start a respite care program where you live by reading our manual Taking a Break: Creating Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Respite in your Community (PDF – 2 MB) / En Español (PDF – 1.4 MB).

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