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Featured Child

Janelle, 16, is a creative and imaginative teen who wins art contests for her detailed drawings. She aspires to be a professional artist or baker. Janelle loves to read and is a good student.

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Featured Siblings

Lesle, 14, and Ivan, 12, are like Batman and Robin — ready to take on the world! Lesle is articulate and intelligent and has great sense of humor. Ivan is energetic and has a strong personality. He enjoys school and is liked by his peers and teachers.

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Family Story

Love and a sense of mission have compelled Jorge and Lisa Alvarez to open their home – and their hearts – to more than 100 foster children, many with significant medical needs.

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  News and Announcements

Posted yesterday 9/19/2014

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Adoption incentives bill clears Senate

A child welfare bill to reauthorize adoption incentives, require tracking of failed adoptions and limit long-term foster care is headed to the President's desk for signature. The Senate passed The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (H.R. 4980) in its last session before the November elections.

Posted 2 days ago 9/18/2014

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Florida turns to science to help foster care

The News Service of Florida reports that state officials are developing a more scientific approach to caring for traumatized children in state care, one based on understanding the deep and complex bond that children form with their caregivers.

Posted 9/9/2014

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Judiciary holds LGBTQ foster youth summit

The Maryland Judiciary is holding what is thought to be the first summit in the nation to help judges, attorneys, social service professionals, and others who work with foster youth identify the barriers LGBTQ youth in care face.

Posted 8/27/2014

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We want to hear what you think!

Help AdoptUSKids help you! Tell us your opinions about our online resources and tools by taking this 15 to 20-minute survey. All information gathered is anonymous and will help us identify what’s working and where we can improve to better serve you.

Posted 8/22/2014

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White sherriff talks race, police, with his black son

How do you have 'the talk' with your black child if you're not black yourself? Two white adoptive parents share their experience on PRI’s The Takeway.

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