Jessica, Tony

Name:Tony, Jessica
Ages:17, 15
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SAZ2113025
  • Tony, 17, male
  • Jessica, 15, female
Profile Updated:6/2/2022
Photo Updated:1/15/2022

Jessica and Tony are fun loving siblings who love each other very much!

Jessica is a loving and nurturing young woman who is always willing to help someone out! Being the fast learner that she is, she loves school, especially math class. Outside of class, Jessica enjoys playing games. Her favorites are Connect Four, Uno, puzzles and other games that she creates herself! She also enjoys playing on the monkey bars at the park and baking.

Jessica is always helpful around the house and willing to get her hands dirty with chores. She would do well in a home that offers her unconditional love and cares about animals as much as she does. Jessica was born in 2006. Tony enjoys math, P.E. and lunch! Tony is really good at multiplication! Tony loves Panda Express, nachos and root beer!

When he grows up, Tony says he wants to be a pro gamer. Tony's idea of a family is being together no matter what. 

Tony was born in 2004.

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