State:South Dakota
Case #:SD01153537
Profile Updated:1/7/2020
Photo Updated:5/3/2019

Raven is an outgoing and social young man. He is an amazing artist with an incredible imagination. Raven will fill your day by telling stories and talking about fun ideas he has. Raven would love to spend one on one time with his parents playing sports and board games, inventing things, fishing and hunting. Raven loves to play video games and reading thrilling book series. Raven interacts with others easily, is respectful, thoughtful and kind. Whenever Raven tries something new, he never gives up and puts forth his best effort. Raven dreams of living in a two parent home with a family that will support him, believe in him, build trust and help him develop healthy relationships. He is excited and nervous to transition into adulthood and very motivated to get a job, learn to drive, and figuring out how to manage finances and support himself for a positive future. He is very interested in attending college and making a future for himself.

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