Race:Black/African American
Case #:VA01319631
Profile Updated:10/28/2019
Photo Updated:9/16/2019

Christian, who likes to be called Chris, is an outgoing and engaging young man. He makes friends easily with his fun sense of humor and kind smile. He likes to play sports, as well as board games and computer games. Chris' favorite sport is basketball and he also likes to bike, swim, and play football, baseball, kickball, and soccer. He enjoys being outdoors and going fishing. Chris also likes cooking, singing, and learning new things. His spirituality is important to him, and he reads his Bible daily. He has previously participated in the church choir. He loves to celebrate holidays and all the fun that comes with them.

Chris needs a supportive family who is consistent, predictable, engaged, and nurturing. He does best when given choices and with positive feedback. He also needs to be treated with respect and supported by effective communication skills that promote reciprocity.

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