Summer, Raymond, Shawn

Name:Summer, Raymond, Shawn
Ages:17, 16, 15
Gender:2 male, 1 female
Case #:SMM0110980
  • Summer, 17, female
  • Raymond, 16, male
  • Shawn, 15, male
Profile Updated:2/21/2018
Photo Updated:2/23/2018

Summer is very likable. She likes to 'hang out'. She enjoys her free time of watching a movie, being outside, reading, listening to music, or just visiting with peers or adults. Summer would prefer to not have chores, but she will do them if they are presented as a 'team' effort with everyone pitching in.

Raymond is talkative and enjoys having conversations with adults. He can be shy at times but is quick to warm up. Raymond loves to be outside and likes to 'tinker' with things in the garage. He also enjoys electronics, movies and video games. Raymond is not in any sports at this time. He would do best in a family that can be engaging, provide supervision and focus on life skills. The ideal placement would be one where it is just him and his two siblings.

Shawn is very likable. He tends to worry a lot about others and making sure they are ok. He likes to ask questions about things he does not understand. Just like Raymond, Shawn loves to be outside and tinkering with things in the garage. Shawn also likes movies, video games, art and music. He also has an interest in playing baseball. Shawn enjoys doing things in the community and being with his siblings.

Following adoption, these three siblings would need to maintain contact with their paternal grandmother.

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