Case #:MI01C09307
Profile Updated:7/1/2020
Photo Updated:5/12/2020

Mikale is not a believer in being only right or left brained, he's mechanically minded, tech savvy, outdoorsy and artistic. He takes pride in his creativity, and his favorite activities include making arts and crafts. Even his favorite color choices are creative; he states that he likes red, pink and black and he always "mixes it up." Mikale loves drawing and calligraphy, and he’s accomplished at video game playing, particularly Minecraft and Call of Duty. Mikale’s other favorite activities are going to the park, riding his bike and going fishing. “I went to a fishing camp once,” he says, “and that was really fun.” Mikale hopes his future includes a trip to Mexico because he thinks it's fascinating. Mikale is a hands on type of guy and he takes pride in his ability to fix things. He hopes to one day be a mechanic or in another job where he can use his know how and his hands. His biggest dream and his biggest desire are one in the same. “The only wish I have is to find a family,” says Mikale, who hopes for one who loves spending time with each other. His goal for himself and his forever family is quite simple, really -- "Just live happy," Mikale says.

When asked what he wants families to know about him, Mikale answered "I love fishing, I'm very caring, I love family more than anything and will do my best. I don't like to disappoint." Mikale adds that he’s working on independent living skills. He benefits from patience and understanding as he works through his feelings.

Mikale would do best with two experienced and patient parents who can give him the supervision and one-on-one attention he requires. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. Mikale also would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family. His family must be strong advocates for the services that will help Mikale function at his best. Finally, they must be open to letting Mikale maintain appropriate relationships.

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