Darrell, Darius

Name:Darrell, Darius
Ages:16, 16
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
Case #:S17017936
  • Darrell, 16, male
  • Darius , 16, male
Profile Updated:5/8/2017
Photo Updated:10/1/2017

Meet bothers Darius and Darrell! They are twins but born on different days! Makes them pretty unique I would say! The boys are seeking a loving and understanding forever home. Darrell, is the oldest, couldn't you tell? Darrell is respectful, polite and outgoing personality. He likes playing soccer, football and basketball. He is also artistic and musical. He says that his favorite class in school is math. He says it “challenges him and makes him use his brain.” Darrell would like to be an engineer or a professional football player someday. Darrell benefits from having some additional help in the classroom so he can stay on top of his work. Darrell will need reminders to always tell the truth and respect the property of others. Darrell gets along well with both peers and adults. “Little brother” Darius is very polite and energetic. He likes playing basketball and listening to music. PE is his favorite class in school because “I like running.” Darius gets along with peers and adults; he is very charming and likeable. Darius and Darrell need a family that is active and provides a lot of structure. They would do best with a family that is able to provide a loving, stable environment that spends time together as a family!

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