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As part of the Children’s Bureau Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Network, we provide free on-site consulting, training, and technical assistance to State, local, Tribal, and publicly administered and supported child welfare agencies, and family and juvenile courts for the development and implementation of effective recruitment and retention services for foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

These services are often in concert with other members of the T/TA Network and use evidenced-based and evidence-informed strategies. We help you examine your recruitment, response, and retention services and make system-wide changes to build capacity to recruit and retain foster and adoptive families for the children you have in care.

We also help public child welfare agencies:

  • Improve Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) outcomes
  • Achieve Program Improvement Plan (PIP) goals related to recruitment, retention, and placement stability
  • Develop recruitment and retention (Title IV-B) plans
  • Engage in targeted recruitment for teens, sibling groups, and children
  • Increase retention of families by applying customer service strategies to your recruitment and response systems
  • Use performance-based contracting effectively
  • Identify and engage community stakeholders, including faith-based communities
  • Apply targeted recruitment strategies, including market segmentation
  • Use other diligent recruitment approaches  

We also invite you to meet our staff and consultants, and find out about more services offered through other members of the Children’s Bureau Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Network.

Examples of Our Free Consulting Services

See how we have helped other public agencies in their recruitment and retention efforts. We can adapt these services to meet the specific needs of your agency.

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If you are a public agency, you can request our consulting services in one of three ways, including through and online request form.

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