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The Staff at AdoptUSKids

AdoptUSKids is made up of an expert team of people located across the country, all working together to provide free services to foster and adoptive families and the U.S. States, Territories, Tribes, and Courts that serve them. This group of professionals boasts a variety of backgrounds — from adoption and child welfare to research, data and technology.


Kathy Ledesma, MSW
Principal Investigator and National Project Director for AdoptUSKids

John C. Levesque, LSW
Deputy Project Director for AdoptUSKids

Melissa Otero
Marketing and Communications Director for AdoptUSKids

Melody Roe
Senior Project Consultant for AdoptUSKids

Jill May, LMSW
Director National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids

Robert Hunner
Senior Project Consultant for AdoptUSKids

Anna Marshall
Director for Digital Media at AdoptUSKids

Ruth McRoy, Ph.D.
Evaluator for AdoptUSKids

Susan Ayers-Lopez
Senior Research Program Coordinator for AdoptUSKids

Craig Powell
Foster Care and Adoption Resource Manager

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